RNVR Service Papers

RNVR Papers

      rnvr                  Late this year RNVR papers became available at the PRO. Being an RND enthusiast I was quite excited. These papers are to be found in ADM337, they are arranged by division, ie Clyde, Tyne etc. They are arranged by service number.

Whats there?

Well all men who joined the RNVR/RND and were sent to sea service or Crystal Palace will have their enrollment form here. This gives you bare bones details of the man, when he enlisted and which ship he served, most have President 3 (Defensively Armed Merchant shps) or Victory which was Crystal Palace.

Whats not there?

Well all of those who have service numbers starting with R, KP,KW or KX. I also found that if a man served with the Royal Naval Division in one of its battalions then there will be no papers there. The fact that there were no papers for the service numbers above made me suspicious but a good look soon confirmed my fears.

The only place to look up men who served in the RND is either to go to the FLeet Air Arm museum and go through their record there, most have B103 forms which is invalueble. OR even better are the Card indexes available on line ADM336

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